The 2024 CES technology feast comes to an end, and artificial intelligence leads a new chapter in consumer electronics

With the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, coming to a grand conclusion, global technology eyes are once again focused on this annual event that leads consumer electronics trends. This exhibition attracted more than 4,000 companies from more than 150 countries and regions, witnessing the widespread application and far-reaching impact of artificial intelligence technology in the field of consumer electronics.

As a vane at the forefront of technology, CES has always been full of innovations and surprises. This year, artificial intelligence has undoubtedly become the brightest star. From chips to personal computers, from robots to smart cars, to various fields such as smart homes, digital medicine and games, artificial intelligence is everywhere, injecting strong impetus into the innovation of the consumer electronics industry.

At the exhibition, technology giants showcased their latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. A “smart glasses” that can provide navigation services for visually impaired people through cameras and artificial intelligence technology allow the audience to feel the warmth of technology; and a “smart grill” that can cook intelligently according to user tastes and needs Demonstrating the huge potential of artificial intelligence in improving the quality of life.

Lenovo Group also shined at this year’s CES, displaying more than 40 artificial intelligence-based devices and solutions, fully demonstrating the company’s deep strength in the field of artificial intelligence. In particular, the more than 10 artificial intelligence personal computers it launched have become a highlight at the exhibition. These computers not only have powerful computing power and storage capabilities, but also enable more natural language interaction and more reliable security and privacy protection, bringing a new user experience to users.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on the consumer electronics industry. Industry experts said that with the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the intelligence level of consumer electronics products will continue to improve, and the human-computer interaction experience will also become more convenient and humane. This will not only promote the continuous innovation and development of the consumer electronics industry, but also open up more new market space for various industries such as automobiles, personal computers, and smart homes.

Looking to the future, artificial intelligence will play an even more important role in the field of consumer electronics. With the continuous breakthroughs in generative artificial intelligence and large model technology, consumer electronics such as smartphones and personal computers will usher in a more intelligent era. In the next year or two, more innovative artificial intelligence technologies will be implemented in car cockpits, smart driving, personal computers and other terminals, bringing unprecedented convenience and experience to consumers.

According to the latest forecast data released by the Consumer Technology Association, more than 230 million smartphones and personal computers will enter the U.S. market this year using generative artificial intelligence technology. This trend will not only accelerate the upgrading of consumer electronics products, but also promote the widespread application of artificial intelligence technology in mobile security, fitness tracking, screen display and other fields.

The successful holding of the 2024 CES exhibition once again proves the huge potential and broad prospects of artificial intelligence in the field of consumer electronics. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, artificial intelligence will lead the consumer electronics industry into a new era that is more intelligent and convenient.


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