How much do you know about the use of golden fingers

Interconnection point: When the auxiliary PCB is connected to the main motherboard, it is done through one of several female slots, such as PCI, ISA or AGP slots. Through these slots, golden fingers transmit signals between peripherals or internal cards and the computer.

Special adapters: Goldfinger can add many performance-enhancing features to a PC. Through the secondary PCB, which is inserted vertically into the motherboard, the computer can transmit enhanced graphics and high-fidelity sound. Since these cards are rarely detached and reattached, cheats usually outlast the cards themselves.

External connection: The external peripherals that have been added to the computer station are connected to the main board through the PCB gold finger. Devices such as speakers, subwoofers, scanners, printers, and monitors plug into specific slots at the back of the computer tower. These sockets are in turn connected to the PCB that connects to the motherboard.

In order for the corresponding device to work, its own card must be connected to the power supply. Fingers and corresponding slots on the motherboard make this possible. Goldfinger provides PCB modules with operational capabilities and modern functionality for users of remote and fixed computing devices.

The flexibility of the PCB system, connecting different types of cards through different slots, makes it possible to regularly upgrade the same computer over 5 or 10 years. Every time you update your sound card or graphics card, you can remove the original sound card from the motherboard and replace it with a new and improved model. Through each update, the PCB golden fingers maintain common connection contacts.

What are the design specifications for gold fingers in PCB?

1. The inner layers of the PCB towards the edge of the PCB must be free of copper to prevent exposure during chamfering.

2. It is not recommended to add parathyroid hormone within 1mm of the golden finger.

3. Keep a distance of at least 0.5mm between the gold finger and the outline of the circuit board.

4. Any compromise of the standard spacing value may lead to PCB weakness and failure.

5. Do not use soldermask or silkscreen near gold fingers.

6. The gold finger should be placed outwards from the center of the PCB.

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