Three projects in Guilin were selected into the first batch of Guangxi’s “Double Hundred and Double New” industrial projects this year

Recently, the Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology Department issued the list of the “First Batch of Guangxi’s “Double Hundred and Double New” Industrial Projects in 2023″. A total of 3 projects in our city have been selected as “Double New” projects, namely Guangxi Dayuan Technology Co., Ltd. OLED display products and terminal application project, Guilin Xiangzhao Technology Co., Ltd. metal bottle cap manufacturing production base project, 2PCB technology LTD double-sided multi-layer project High-precision circuit board production project.
It is reported that Guangxi’s “Double Hundred” projects refer to major industrial projects with investments exceeding 10 billion yuan or output values exceeding 10 billion yuan; “Double New” projects refer to new industries and new technology projects, among which new industry projects include strategic emerging industries, New business formats, new models and other key projects, new technology projects refer to key projects that use new technologies to transform and upgrade traditional industries. According to the “Guangxi “Double Hundred and Double New” Industrial Project Promotion Work Plan”, the “Double Hundred and Double New” projects included in the list will receive policy and measure support, including increasing financial support, increasing financing guarantee support, Increase financial credit support, reduce corporate tax burdens, strictly control the increase in project energy consumption, optimize the review of “two high” projects, prioritize project land, further reduce project construction and operation costs, establish a project approval mechanism and “green” “Channel”, implement the classified approval system for environmental impact assessment, promote projects to continuously improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities, encourage high-level talents to start businesses in Guangxi, etc.
Guangxi Dayuan Technology Co., Ltd.’s OLED display products and terminal application project has a total investment of 250 million yuan. Through the purchase of advanced equipment such as OLED, SMT, and PCBA, it will build an annual OLED production capacity of 30 million pieces; the project is expected to be completed and put into production in August. It can achieve annual income of 200 million yuan. The total investment of Guilin Xiangzhao Technology Co., Ltd.’s metal bottle cap manufacturing and production base project is 600 million yuan. The project adopts the invention patent of roller conveyor punch automatic loading machine, pull-tab bottle cap and bottle utility model patent and other technologies. It mainly builds 3 factories. , dormitory buildings and supporting infrastructure, purchase wave shear machines, punch machines, padding machines, ring pulling machines and other equipment; the project is expected to be completed and put into production in December 2025, with an annual output of 2.4 billion metal bottle caps, and an estimated annual revenue of 600 million Yuan. 2PCB technology LTD double-sided multi-layer high-precision circuit board production project has a total investment of 150 million yuan. The project will renovate standard workshops, raw materials, finished product warehouses and automated production workshops, purification workshops, laboratories, etc., and purchase new computer numerical control drilling machines, vacuum There are 218 sets (sets) of equipment such as etching machines, automatic copper plate grinding lines, and automatic electroplating production lines. Two new fully automatic double-sided multi-layer circuit board production lines have been built, forming an annual production capacity of 620,000 square meters of double-sided multi-layer precision circuit boards, blind buried Orifice plates, high-frequency plates, hybrid laminates, metal substrates, rigid-flex boards and other products; the project is expected to be completed and put into production in October this year, and it is expected to achieve annual revenue of 300 million yuan after reaching production.

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