PCB appearance inspection machine AVI

(AutomatedVisualInspection) is an efficient and accurate automated inspection equipment, specially used to inspect the appearance quality of PCB. It uses a vision system, image processing technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to conduct a comprehensive and accurate inspection of the PCB appearance to discover any possible defects or problems.

Functions of PCB appearance inspection machine AVI
1. Defect detection: PCB appearance inspection machine AVI can identify various types of defects, such as pad problems, misinstallation or omission of components, circuit damage, etc. It can detect at high speed and with high precision, and analyze the type and extent of defects through algorithms, helping operators quickly locate and repair problems and improve production efficiency.

2. Welding quality inspection: AVI can accurately detect solder joints, including pad short circuit, pad soldering, pad deviation and other issues. It can monitor key information such as temperature changes and welding conditions during the welding process in real time, and compare it with standard parameters to provide accurate welding quality assessment results.

3. Component identification and discrimination: Using high-resolution vision system and image processing technology, PCB appearance inspection machine AVI can identify and distinguish the type, packaging form, polarity and other information of components. By comparing with design specifications and BOM (Bill of Materials), it can quickly determine whether components are installed correctly, avoid incorrect assembly, and improve product reliability.

4. Production process monitoring: PCB appearance inspection machine AVI can track and record every detail of the production process, including production line speed, error rate, defect type, etc., to provide data support for production management. Through automated data analysis and report generation, it can help companies achieve comprehensive monitoring of the production proc


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