2024 Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas, USA

Exhibition date: 2024/1/9-2024/1/12
Exhibition location: Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center, USA
Exhibition Industry: Consumer Electronics
Sponsor: Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was founded in 1967. It has now developed into the largest, highest-level and most influential consumer electronics exhibition in the world, and is also the top event of the entire technology ecosystem. To this day, CES is still the vane that leads the world’s consumer electronics technology and product development trends and the “overpass” for international electronic trade. CES provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their technology products to the world and helps exhibitors connect with influential figures and potential customers in the industry to promote their brands.

CES is highly professional, has good trade results, and enjoys a high reputation in the world. Over the years, the exhibition has gathered current outstanding traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core manufacturers. They have brought advanced technical concepts and products, attracting many high-tech equipment enthusiasts, users and industry audiences.

The total exhibition area of CES2023 is 179,600 square meters. There are 3,273 exhibitors (1,051 start-up companies) from 151 countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Dubai, India, Russia, Australia, Spain, and Brazil. The number of exhibitors reaches 118,000. Most of the attracted attendees were from the United States, and 63% had purchase intentions. The total media attendance reached 4,815 people, and a total of 221,000 news reports were published, creating a huge impact on Twitter. Whether it is the exhibition area, the number of exhibitors or the number of visitors, it has all reached a record high in the history of the CES exhibition, which also shows the confidence of enterprises from various countries in the gradual recovery of the world economic situation.


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